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Hi all, we want to offer you a warm welcome to our website. As a group of passionate anglers located in British Columbia, Canada, we want to make you acquainted with all the great fishing spots one can find here. This wonderful area of Canada is worth exploring and we want to be your guides, even if only in the virtual space.



You may have heard a lot of tales about how British Columbia is a salmon capital of the world. And this is the honest truth! But salmon is not the only fish you can catch when you come to British Columbia. You can also catch halibut, trout and steelhead, among many various species. We can tell you, hand on heart, that once you know more about British Columbia, you will feel hard pressed to find a better place for being an angler, in the entire world.


In our adventures, we will take you all over British Columbia and its most popular fishing spots. We will take you to see what areas are worth exploring and where you can plan the most amazing adventures. Although we have a focus on fishing, we will tell you more about the natural beauty of this region and how to make the best out of your trips here.


Now, since you most probably are a passionate angler who wants to learn a few things about fishing spots in British Columbia, here is a small showdown and a preview to what we will be writing about in our blog:

fraser river

Fraser River – is the best place for sturgeon. In case you are capable of rallying up some friends, get ready to catch a sturgeon that is up to 9 feet long. We all know that large fish, up to 20 feet long, are extremely rare, but you can still get one that will make your friends envious.


Vancouver Island – this is the place for halibut. Enjoy the natural fighting spirit of halibut, without heading for Alaska, for a fishing trip. Saltwater anglers prefer it, but make sure you pack enough fishing supplies.


Haida Gwaii – Chinook salmon is one of the natural inhabitants of this region, so you will have something to look forward to, when you are heading for British Columbia for a trip.

Williston lake

Williston Lake – this is the home of Kokanee salmon. True to the title of the salmon capital of the world, British Columbia offers many fishing spots for salmon.